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The Urban Health Project is a health education and awareness program designed to encourage good health practices. Through various media and seminars the program will work to create a healthier community. In improving health we improve the quality of life.

October is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Since its inception in 1992, National Physical Therapy Month has provided an annual opportunity to recognize and celebrate the transformative power of physical therapy. Get more information at American Physical Therapy Association.


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Learn information that will help you live an abundant life and help fight and prevent disease.

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Learn about our health events that will allow you to learn hands on and meet other people that are interesting in becoming healthy.

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Health Info

Learn how to become healthy and help others in your urban setting through articles, how to recipe videos, and simple tips to allow you to understand the problems and solutions to common health issues.

Jack Talks Health

Learn how to take care of your body by what you eat and what you do. Learn the real cause of most common diseases.

Health Articles

Great articles on preventing disease, healing your body, and learning what your body needs to thrive.
Latest Article: Seeds of Promise

Healthy Recipes

Learn new ways to make your meals tasty and healthy with this large database of healthy recipes.

Get to know the God who wonderfully made your
body and desires you to be in good health.
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